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Business Matching Trip to Prague, Mar 2010

Do check with us for our 4th trip to Prague. Good for business looking to expand into the EU.  Use our expertise and experience to avoid pitfalls and problems.


1st Czech-Singapore Business Forum

11 to 13 Nov 09 saw the first Czech trade delegation into Singapore.  The visit was a huge success for both sides.  Details within.


Products Wanted by European Union

Business owners looking to buy from Asian manufacturers.

 for details.

                                    Bringing Asia & Europe Together

 Brastislava Castle
Asian Business Services (ABS) is a business matching, marketing and consultancy service provider to assist Asian companies and manufacturers find or set up, expand or penetrate into Central Europe and the EU, and vice versa.  Our strategic alliances with similar companies in Central Europe allows us to help business owners cut their learning curves to quickly begin trading or working.

The highlights of our service are business missions and business matchings.  We intend that our clients can begin business negotiations right away when they come with us.  It shall not be a name-card exchange tour.   On our part, we expect our clients to commit early so that we can do the necessary groundwork.  A 3-months preparation time is requested.  

For March 2009, we went to Prague and Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia.  For March 2010, it shall be Ljubljana once more as we look to cement ties and relationships with our counterparts.

The major objectives of Asian Business Services are to:

1) provide business matching & consultancy to companies looking to expand or trade between Asia and Europe;

2) source for products between Asia and Europe;

3) disseminate investment opportunities between Asia and Europe;

4) organise and lead business missions from Asia into Europe; and

5) assist European counterparts when they lead missions into Asia.

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  Product Sourcing


ABS has helped foreign companies to source, inspect and certify - from luxury to construction items; from raw materials to finished goods - since her inception.  

ABS has strong contacts in ASEAN and ASIA to serve her new clients in Slovakia, Central Europe and the EU. Let ABS provide you with a strong vital link between business owners from the East and the West.  for a discussion without any obligations.

10th Product Sourcing Trip to Thailand, 20-27 Nov 09

1st Czech-Asian Business Forum

We found an increasing number of Thai manufacturers looking for overseas markets.   We are heartened by their attitude and desire to expand their markets outside.

Past Missions

3rd Asia-Europe Business Forum, Mar 09.  See Past Missions for details..


Unique visits from:


ABS has forged strategic alliances with like-minded companies in both Europe and ASEAN / Asia to ensure that business owners looking to expand in either direction will always have the necessary support and advice.  Contact us if you have:

1. questions on doing business in Europe and Asia

2. products and services you want us to work on

3. expertise which you think business owners need

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for month of  Nov 09


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